Clara Koh is an interdisciplinary designer turned web developer. Having built a strong background in graphic design, she is excited for future opportunities to integrate programming and design.

She is a recent graduate of GA Web Development Immersive and had previously graduated from BA Graphic Design (Hons) at Central Saint Martins (London).

Her web development skill set includes, but are not limited to:
React, Ruby on Rails, Node, Express, Javascript, CSS, Boostrap.

Email her at for collaborations, freelance or more information.
Or head to her github for more projects.

Web Development

Nodejs, Postgresql, React, Express TaskBuddy

TaskBuddy is an app targeted at people who might need companionship in completing mundane tasks.

How it works:
1. Select from a list of activities and select the day and time you'd like to meet a TaskBuddy.
2. Connect with buddies and decide when to fulfill your task.
3. Menial tasks will never be boring again.

Try it out here

React on Rails, Postgresql, Webpack

SaveMore is an app that wants to help you save effortlessly. Get a breakdown of your spendings and savings, and how much SaveMore has helped the user to save.

SaveMore has 3 key savings plans — Rounding, Recurring and One-off.

Users can also make payment / transfer money to other accounts via the app.

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Javascript, API

A javascript game where players have to collect alphabets to form words to gain points. Obstacles and exponential speeds increases difficulty as players progress through the game.

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Ruby on Rails,

An all in one restaurant app, where users can make reservations and leave their orders and restaurant owners can keep track of their peak hours and popular food items.

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Paperjs, Frontend

Leap holding page features a dynamic curve that moves as the user scrolls through the site.

Design by FARM.

Data handling
CSM Graphics 2017

Central Saint Martins Graphic Communication 2017 graduation show website. Features all students' work, floor plans and exhibition details.

View the live site here

Web design
Reimagining Wikipedia

A redesign of Wikipedia, Wikipedia Workspace is intended as a flexible working space for Wikipedia users. Designed with draggable and resizable content sections, they can be toggled to hide or show. Activated external links within the page would create more section boxes within the workspace for easy reading and access. Users also have the options to toggle between serif or sans serif typefaces.


Interactive, Digital, Exhibition
Information Heavens

Exploring a speculative future where predictive technology dictates everyday life, a quantifying system was created to scan citizens. The system is set in a terminal and comprises an introductory video, a conversational form, a facial scanner, and a heart rate monitor. Based on the data and biometric gathered, the system will print out a receipt with the user’s prognosis to determine if one was a latent criminal or upright citizen. Presented as an interactive exhibition piece.

In collaboration with Kaori Toh.

Interactive, Exhibition, Print
The Age of Archival Clutter

Archives today have begun to lose their purpose and value as the borders between garbage and non-garbage space is blurred. This exhibition and performance piece questions the relevance of archives in the age of abundance. The exhibition is set up as an archive storage facility and makes use of concrete as the medium to store archives. This visualizes the increasing lost of context that lead to archives becoming clutter, and ultimately garbage. Included in the exhibition is a catalogue that details how archives are stored and retrieved in this alternate universe.

Infrastructural Chess

A critical inquiry into our infrastructural reality in the post-internet age, this infrastructural game of chess has 4 layers—Earth, City, Cloud and Interface. The actors assigned to the chess pieces are determined by the layer they exist on. The game runs simultaneously through the stack, revealing the relation and power between actors and their spaces. Includes an instruction manual.

In collaboration with Kaori Toh.

Digital, Website
Hidden 2.0

A self-censoring web extension that serves to safeguard users from NSA's absurd list of tracked words. It removes any trace of these words in real time, on websites and in web searches. A sarcastic response to the NSA's surveillance and tracking programme that assumes almost every user as a 'potential terrorist', the web extension is an extreme form of self-censorship. Presented in a microsite.

Interactive, Print
Brutalist Architecture

publication on Trellick Tower, exploring the differing views toward Brutalist Architecture. It is packaged in a slipcase with charcoal rubbings of concrete textures. The charcoal is imprinted onto the book by the readers, suggesting that existing biases affects the content itself. The publication itself can be physically split two parts, the positive and the negative viewpoints. The book structure mimics some of Trellick Tower's iconic architecture.

Digtial Degradation

An experiment into digital decay and expiration, this web extension degrades news according to the age of the article. As the Internet today allows for data to be created without hesitation and regard for digital clutter, this extension aims to intervene on how much users take the availability of the digital resources for granted. With the extension, news articles degrade with each day, making it harder to access information the longer its been on the site.

In collaboration with Chloe Gao.